Off-grid trailers

Customized for work and life

Stay anywhere

Fulcel is functional and comfortable. Its compact size houses a cozy cabin with strong off-grid features, enabling maximum freedom.

Charge anywhere

Owning your electricity ensures you'll always have it. Fulcel gives you the freedom to choose your destination and lifestyle.

Sleep anywhere

Equipped with a queen mattress, the bed lift transforms your galley into a comfortable sleeping area.

Work anywhere

Fulcel is your mobile office. It comes with a standing desk, cellular Wi-Fi, a signal booster, Starlink, and endless electricity.

Play anywhere

Say goodbye to reservations and fees. Being off-grid means you have complete freedom to choose where you stay.

Never idle

Fulcel is a versatile space that adapts to your needs. Use it as a remote office, cozy guest room, unique rental, or backup shelter, it remains functional and ready without the need for plugging in.

Below freezing

Fulcel can handle freezing temps. It comes with propane heating and an optional wood upgrade.

Clean heat

Vented heaters efficiently exhaust moisture and gases outside, maintaining a dry, oxygen-rich cabin atmosphere. This system ensures your wet gear dries fully and quickly, ready for your next adventure.

Air conditioning

Enjoy continuous coolness with our solar-powered air conditioning. It runs indefinitely in warm conditions, ensuring a consistently cool cabin environment.


The Fulcel trailer's galley is thoughtfully designed for efficiency in compact spaces. It features a sink, fridge, and well-organized drawers, offering ample storage for your cooking essentials like pots, pans, and foods.

Remote monitoring

Keep an eye on your pets and stay updated on cabin conditions, ensuring peace of mind wherever you are.

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1.3 Kw Solar Panels: Powering the air conditioner & electronics continuously.

5 Kw LiFePo4 Battery: This battery provides exceptional energy density, powering your trailer's needs efficiently.

Vent Fan: Side-mounted for compatibility with the bed layout, offering adjustable speed, direction, and aperture.

Chimneys: Both wood and propane chimneys with caps and wind baffles.

Cell Booster Antenna: Optional Starlink mount, enhancing connectivity.

Spare Tire: Dual-functioning as a step for roof access.

Propane Rack: Holds two 20lb / 40lb tanks for indoor heating and shower connection, easily swappable.

Air Conditioner: Solar-powered for all-day operation.

Exterior Locker: Storing smaller propane bottles and shower accessories.

Recirculating Outdoor Shower: For water-efficient cleanliness.

Vinyl Screen: Interchangeable with a traditional screen in summer.

Manual Awning: Providing additional outdoor shade.

8k lb Axle with Drum Brakes: Ensuring safe and sturdy movement.

Fold-Down Table: For outdoor utility.

Electrical Outlet: Enhancing outdoor functionality.

Exterior Lights: For visibility and safety illuminat the trailer on all sides.

Spray Foam Insulation: Protecting the trailer's underside and extending its lifespan.

Towing Guide

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