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Bed frame info

Bed frame info

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I purchased the bed lift mechanism here: use code SLEEP for $50 off. This does not include the bed frame. See below:


Consider the width of your interior. This mechanism is intended to fit a queen size mattress at 60in long, 75in or 80in wide. If your interior is at least 80in wide, these video instructions are sufficient.

If your interior is 65in wide like mine (and other insulated 6x12s), you'll need to customize the bed lift. This includes removing the safety mechanism, extending the frame rails, and mounting new ball studs to reduce the load on the front gas struts.

The bed frame is made out of 1.5in steel angle, 1/8in thick. I cut each piece to be 60" long. 5 struts spaced 15in apart, with 1/4in plywood over the top.

The mattress I'm using is a 6in short queen (60in x 75in). I didn't see any benefit to a thicker mattress because this would come at the expense of overhead clearance when the bed is in the up position. 6in is plenty comfortable. 


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